Measurement of Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic Materials

The magnetic properties of the ferromagnetic materials are especially important in their production, in the production of the products made from them, or in the development of the devices working with the conversion of the energy into the magnetic field, or with the magnetization of the material. Sometimes it is necessary to know the properties of the material also for the needs of the setting the production, control, or safety processes. In these cases, it is possible to measure the magnetization curve, of the so-called BH characteristics, on the supplied material sample. From its shape and characteristic points, it is possible to determine the magnetic properties of the material sample. The typical parameters that we determine, are the value of the coercive force (coercivity) Hc, saturation magnetic induction Bsand remanent magnetic induction Br. If necessary, from the measured parameters it is possible to determine the value of the relative permeability µr of the material.