Electronic Digital Systems Research and Development Cooperative
Enthusiasts for applied research and development of magnetic fields

Who we are

We are magnetism enthusiasts. Our activities are focused on the applied research and development in the field of weak magnetic fields. We have been using them for more than 30 years to solve our clients' problems. We have been developing devices of our own construction, which we use for the protection of conveyor belts, non-destructive archaeology, detection of magnetic anomalies from ferromagnetic bodies, control of nanosatellites, technical diagnostics, autonomous navigation, demagnetization, measurement of magnetic properties of materials, calibration of magnetic field sensors, ecological and biomagnetic applications or security of objects.

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What we do


The magnetic field is omnipresent. It consists of the Earth's natural field and a large number of technical fields. It is a carrier of a lot of information with the high added value. Our goal is to obtain this information from the magnetic field and to transform it into a technical solution. In some specific cases, the magnetic field can be used as an energy carrier and can have a targeted effect on the manufacturing process or the processed material.

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Research & Development

An individual approach to the customer needs requires original solutions. All our products are the result of our own research and development. Most of our customers turn to us in situations where standard solutions do not exist or when they have not worked satisfactorily. At first, we analyze each new problem together with our customer. If we can see a possible way to solve the problem, we proceed to the development of a feasibility study, on the basis of which we attain to a detailed understanding of this problem.

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What we do


The Earth's magnetic field is the omnipresent physical field. It is necessary for the sustaining life, but it also has wide application possibilities in the technical practice. .

Research & Development

The story of our company began with the discovery of the original physical principle of the low-frequency magnetometer, which was patented in the second half of the 1980s. .


In the recent years, the space exploration has passed a generational step represented by the mass utilization of the nanosatellites. .

Sensor Calibrations

Work with the sensors is based not only on the reading of the sensor data, but mainly on their correct interpretation. .

Non-Destructive Archaeology

Non-destructive archeology is a field of the geophysical exploration that is used to survey large areas before setting out of the boreholes and excavations. .

Conveyor Belts

Surface mines, steel mills, wood processing plants and many other parts of the heavy industry use the belt conveyors to transport mostly bulk materials. .

Security Applications for the Objects

The Earth's magnetic field is a physical field that is omnipresent, just like the gravitational field. .

Technical diagnostics

The technological devices and large machines require for their effectiveness monitoring of their technical condition during their operation. .

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