Measurement for the Needs of the Hygiene of the Working Environment

The hygiene of the working environment in its complexity also includes the influence of the magnetic fields on the workers. In the same way as the electric and electromagnetic fields, also the magnetic field affects the organism. Its manifestations can be physiological as well as psychological. A person exposed to a strong magnetic field may perceive pain, may have vision disorders, or weak changes at a level that cannot be physically felt, but lead to a short-term decrease in his mental abilities or to an inattention. Since the magnetic field is a vector, i.e. it has its own direction and size, it is often possible to reduce its influence on the worker by the simple turning of the source of this field around, or by moving the worker to another part of the work space. Sometimes the source of the magnetic field is located behind a wall or other obstacle. The worker or employer does not even have to know about its existence and operation. With the use of our VEMA magnetometer, we can perform measurements to verify the presence of all technical magnetic fields in the range up to 250 Hz, which covers distribution networks and switched power sources, as well as the presence of the modulation frequencies in the case of the rotating sources.