IMAG Pulse Vibrators

The IMAG pulse vibrator is designed for the automated shaking out of the stuck material from its transport or storage container, wagon, silo or similar large-capacity storage box. The impulse vibrator creates a local pulse electromagnetic field with the adjustable power and repeating frequency. As a result of the interaction of the magnetic field and the wall of the storage tank, dump, wagon, boiler, pipeline, crate, etc., there is a rapid and at the same time non-destructive movement of the wall of the object. The movement of the wall is towards the electromagnetic unit of the vibrator, causing the wall to be detached from the substrate that has been released. Because the force action is non-contact, there are no permanent deformations even in the case, that the effect is similar to a strong hit with a hammer.

Vibrators are suitable for use wherever there is an unwanted adhesion of the bulk materials such as coal, cement, sand, flour, powdered milk, granules, fertilizer, etc. At the same time, the wall of the given object is either ferromagnetic (iron sheet) or electrically conductive (stainless steel, duralumin, etc.) and enables elastic deformations when a force field is applied. Another area of ​​application of the vibrators are places and objects where hard sediments are formed, e.g. calcifications from the mineral and hard water or concrete remains, which can be released by vibrations. In the case of the conventional vibrators, the substrate was undesirably pushed into the walls. Electromagnetic vibrators have a major advantage in that the active drive of the wall is away from the substrate, which results in the effective detachment and release without the damage of the wall.

Technical parameters

Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Poweradjustable in the range from 100 W to 10 kW
Power consumption5 to 50 times smaller than impulse power