Calibration of Magnetometers

Every measuring device must be calibrated in order to be able to determine the measure of its inaccuracy. During its utilization we can then work with this inaccuracy and to get as close as possible to the true value of the measured physical quantity. Calibration of magnetometers is a specific type of the calibration, as the measurement includes both the Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic fields of the artificial sources. It is therefore necessary to know well both – the measuring device and the surrounding conditions. There are several methods that can be used for the calibration of magnetometers. They differ in the difficulty and in the suitability for the specific types of the sensors. As the top of our achieved results in the area of ​​calibrations we consider the development and the successful application of the calibration method based on the neural networks, which we applied during the calibration of the magnetometers of both Slovak satellites, skCUBE and GRBAlpha. You can read about the calibration of the skCUBE satellite magnetometer and its results in the scientific article at the following link: